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Saturday, January 11, 7-10pm⁣ / BYOB Opening Reception




Eric Broers


Joey D

Joey Potts

Ken Keirns

Revise CMW

Scott Shellhamer


Back in 2007 Rotofugi held an exhibit by a bunch of Chicago artists that were regulars during the early days of Rotofugi...a real diverse bunch of people that had come together around their love of art and declared for the world to know: we're BFFs!⁣

This January we're getting the gang back together again. Over the last 13 years they've spread across the United States, but each and everyone is still making art and we're excited to have all ten BFFs in this new exhibit!⁣

Join us for the opening reception and pop-up shop on Saturday, January 11, 7-10pm to check out the new works and enjoy music by DJ Sean Doe plus complimentary snacks and soft drinks (BYOB if you want to have alcohol). ⁣

⁣Exhibit continues through February 9, 2020.⁣

Sign up for gallery previews at for first chance to purchase artwork.